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Memphis Black Expo 2015
Celebrate, Empower, Cultivate!

About Memphis Black Expo 2015

Memphis is, without question, a diverse city. Because of the many races and cultures represented here, there are a number of cultural festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Memphis Black Expo is just one of the many cultural festivals that take place on an annual basis. It’s a great way to learn about and appreciate different cultures. The Memphis Black Expo, a cultural celebration event, serves to highlight entrepreneurship, promote cooperative economics, and support the stability and growth of small and minority owned businesses. Since its inception, more than 1000 businesses, corporations, organizations and agencies have been displayed and more than 20,000 attendees have been impacted by this event.  Attendees and vendors travel from all over the country to experience this event.

This business-to-consumer show allows businesses to exhibit, market their goods and services, and sell, to consumers while networking and building relationships that empower them to greater success. The expo also addresses the needs of the community by serving as a catalyst to improve conditions in the African-American community by creating a family-oriented environment that celebrates, empowers and cultivates the community.

The expo celebrates the excellence in arts and entertainment among youth and adults. In addition, it provides an opportunity for education in areas of health and wellness, finance, technology and business development through workshops and interactive displays. The Memphis Black Expo Week is a 5-Day event full of excitement, education and entertainment for all age groups. #BEInspired during the 2015 Memphis Black Expo Week, April 9-13, 2015 by supporting this impactful community event.


  • Present event participants with information and opportunities that provide solutions with resources to overcome life challenges in the areas of: health awareness, economic empowerment, education services and family enrichment. 
  • Promote and strengthen the economic vitality of the region. 
  • Offer local, regional and national for-profit and non-profit businesses the opportunity to connect with consumers face-to-face, promote brand awareness, extend employment opportunities and offer PR/community service opportunities. 
  • Offer city, state and federal agencies the opportunity to connect personally with constituents and businesses while promoting the awareness of programs, services and job opportunities. 
  • Showcase quality family-oriented entertainment.